What is ctrµLua?

ctrµLua, note the case, is, as you can deduce, a Lua parser for 3DS. It's born within the µLua community as an attempt to bring their favorite piece of software to the 3DS. The result ended being mighty different from what was µLua itself.

What can it do?

You'll have to ask the guys at development. Or check the TODO list on GitHub. Most of the features we wanted are in, there may be a few bugfixes left to do though.

What about the lads that made it? - Organization members


We're... pretty sure he's a huge nerd. No, more like nerd king. He's one of the two developers on the project, and probably the one most eager to expand it. He also goes by geeker and I personally believe he must be yelling at all times IRL.


Same, a developer. Pretty mature and really silent, I mean it, sometimes I wonder if he died in front of his screen. Also probably a nerd.


Loud-mouthed and pretty much useless. He did the shitty icon. A giga-nerd and self-proclaimed "community"-manager because no one takes care of this damned website and because it's fun. He never participates in code and unintentionally got credited.

With Special Thanks To... - Non-member contributors


Oh, and...The lads before that? - Projects built upon

Please note that this list is almost certainly incomplete.

smea, for the ctrulib. And...Credits to whoever made the code they might have helped themselves on, if they did, that is. They don't really keep me updated on that.


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